Make Your Product Mockups Rock-Solid

Designers and marketers might not think about it at first, but you need to design more than just logos and basic text. You also need to represent your product in 3D mockups that show off the personality you want them to emanate. Check out this article for exciting tips on how to do just that!

What Exactly is a Product Mockup?

A product mockup is a screen grab of your product or service, including all of the information and elements going on in the preview.

The 3 Basic Types of Product Mockups.

Realistic  mockups are what most clients want. These types of mockups don’t need to be 100% completed; the styling, fonts, and positioning closer to complete for them to work effectively. The challenge is that they take up more time than simple or sketched options, but is worth it when you’re planning on building your client’s website.
Sketched Mockup is simple enough even its name. Ditch the real world textures and close enough is good enough with these mockups when you only plan on throwing something together when in a pinch with no significant amount of time or money at stake.
Simple Mockup with One Person For when you only have one person working

What the Benefits of a Professional Mockup Bundle Mean to You.

The Pros of the Professional Bundle
Mockups are used for all sorts of reasons, but they can really make products stand out. It might be an illustration of the latest t-shirt collection or a photo showcasing what your product looks like after 12 uses. You can use them yourself or contract them out to someone who knows what they’re doing – but either way you should be using mockups every time you launch a new product.

How Your Effective Kickstarters Campaigns will Benefit from a Design Mockup.

A mockup is a design that helps sellers showcase their products or services before they are completed. Mockups are effective crowdfunding campaign tools that both entice potential backers and allows contributors to see exactly what they are supporting, thereby boosting online marketing efforts. Without a great mockup, your website will be difficult for potential customers to navigate–leaving your KickStarter campaign unnoticed.

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