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We create free and premium graphic, mock-up templates and design resources. We thrive on bringing you the best of the best in each of our beautifully crafted resources.

You might ask, what is a mockup?

A mockup is used to present your idea, the design you made in a realistic fashion. How your masterpiece would look like on a product. You can impress your client by sticking your work on a mockup so they can visualize how the end result will be. Mockups take your design to the next level and make selling your work easier. Nowadays they are pretty much a must if you want to work as a graphic designer. There are mockups for everything, with an iphone mockup for example you can make a preview of how your app would look like when used on a mobile device.

How to make a mockup?

On Designer Dude, you can find high-quality mockups made by professional graphic designers. We’ve been using mockups for many years and know the difference between a good, and a bad mockup. Making a mockup can be done in multiple ways. When it comes to a t-shirt mockup for example you can either take a photo of it and use photoshop to make it editable or render the product using 3D software, then import the resulting image for the t-shirt mockup inside photoshop where, by combining layers with different blending modes such as multiply, screen, linear dodge etc. an editable version of the said product is created.

Designer dude is a marketplace where you can download all kinds of assets that a graphic designer might need. There are a variety of assets available such as fonts, graphic templates, and plenty of mockups. You can find free mockups here, t-shirt mockups, business card mockups, and many more. A key feature of a quality mockup is editability, it’s not all about the looks. A good mockup can be tailored to fit any brand by being able to change parts of it as you see fit, many great-looking mockups end up being useless because they cant be adapted to fit specific needs. We provide high-quality free mockups.

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