Meet The Team

Meet the team and know what they do and love!

Feiszes Arnold

Fejszés Arnold

Graphic Designer / 3D Artist

Szilagyi Zoltan

Szilágyi Zoltán

Illustrator / Graphic Designer

Sztuchlak Gergo

Sztuchlak Gergő

Web Designer / Art Director

We are a team of experienced graphic designers, each with their own area of expertise. With our powers combined, we form the captain planet of graphic design. Jokes aside, we worked as professional graphic designers for many years. We started in 2012 and at this point, we worked on pretty much everything graphic design related, we are like a swiss army knife, we can create anything if we put our mind to it, at one point we even built a house.

During our work, we came across thousands of assets and we learned the difference between high quality and bad resources. Spoiler alert, the main thing that separates the good ones from the trash is editability. We know how valuable good graphic resources can be, and if you don’t have the budget for it how hard it can be to find something good. We created this website to provide high-quality graphic resources for those who need them.

It all started when we were upset by the mockups we found, the preview looked promising but the contents were disappointing, to say the least. They were poorly made, with very limited editability. At this point we were experimenting with 3D software, and so came the idea to create our own mockups. Using a 3D software we can create models for any product we might need a mockup for, and so we did. As we created more and more, we learned how to do them more efficiently, and how to make them easier to edit. We decided that we should share these, but uploading mockups alone might not be enough, so we expanded to other resources as well, such as fonts. Designer dude was created for this purpose, and to create a community to share only high-quality resources that you can use for your future projects.

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