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In a few cases, we make our own mockups either via photographing or by making it in 3D. That’s when the idea was born. That we could share these, so others don’t have to go through the same ordeal. To solve this problem we created Designer Dude, the first non-profit digital marketplace.

We want to build a community, a marketplace that hosts only quality content for absolutely free. This content can be made by either professional, hired by the money we make with ad revenue and donations, or community members who would like to contribute. It’s a win-win for everyone: the community gets more resources, and the contributors get exposure. Of course, all the content has to meet a certain standard to be hosted.


I’ve been a graphic designer for ten years now. I don’t know about you but I still remember how it was in the beginning. I wanted to learn and experiment as much as I could but I quickly realized that the free resources had a low standard, and were messy/borderline unusable. All the cool premium stuff was locked behind a paywall, which at that point was too steep for me. Even nowadays, I am forced to buy the resources I need since the free stuff is just not good enough. Sometimes the clients need a mockup to help them visualize how our work would look like in real life. Free mockups are often too rigid, can hardly be customized and are too low-quality overall, especially when it comes to product mockups, so my team ends up buying them.


Arnold Fejszés

Graphic Design & 3D


Zoltán Szilágyi

Graphic Design & Illustration


Gergő Sztuchlak

Art Direction & Web Design


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